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Advanced RXJava and Conductor

09 May 2017 . category: meetup . Comments
#android #mobile #meetup #rxjava #conductor #nyandroiddevelopers

Today I went to a NY Android Developers Meetup at SeatGeek to see 2 terrific talks, one about RXJava and the other one about Conductor.



Here are my takes on the topics:


RxJava adds “reactiveness” to Java and RXAndroid makes writing reactive components in Android apps easy by providing a Scheduler that schedules on the main thread or any given Looper, Observers and other cool things. In this brave new “reactive world”, it is totally worth it to learn RxJava and RxAndroid, I recommend you to check it out.



Conductor, is framework that allows for building View-based apps, it provides a wrapper around standard Android Views that does lots of things such as lifecycle management, navigation, backstack, transitions, state persistence, etc. You can use it for MVP, MVVM or MVC.


Event on meetup.com.


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